Does anyone here swing trade?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by contrary, May 15, 2008.

  1. contrary


    Or is everyone an intraday trader?
  2. Definite swing here.
  3. I love to swing...

    And follow intermediate term trends.
  4. Key Party Trader and proud of it! ~ stoney
  5. JEB


    I swing trade because I have to spend my days working for the man (plus I think it suits my personality better).
  6. I do both but am slowly favoring swing trading. Either way I am in front of the computer while the market is movin
  7. wjk


    One account swing only. Intrady account will hold swing if play finishes strong. No longer swing short with a reactive fed, though.
  8. pneuma


    everything except intraday. gotta get that golf handicap down :D
  9. Less stress in swing trading. Setups are way easier.

  10. Kind of a personal question contrary, but there was that one time two summers ago...
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