Does anyone here day trade the Asian markets?

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  1. If so could you please list the main differences (pros and cons)

    You can trade these markets via IB in the UK and the US, so it would be nice to know if and how any of you do.

  2. They do, but I just want to know the answer to the question from some here.
  3. d08


    I'd say Japanese equities/futures or Hong Kong futures would be likely your primary choices. For equities there really isn't much else to choose from unless you consider Australia to be Asian just due to the time zone.
    Japan has it's own set of rules and regulation which you need to learn, there's quite a few more rules compared to US. Took a while to code the tick size and position size specifics. From my subjective opinion, it also seems more ripe with insider information, especially for the small caps.
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  4. Interesting and ty for your reply.

    When you say rules etc, I see on IB I can trade Japanese stocks. So what rules and regs do you mean?

    Day trading Japanese stocks day to day, is there much difference in your view vs US stocks?
  5. Raheel Shaikh

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    speaking of forex
    Asian market is considered to be the slowest of the other 2 i.e London and New York
    the volatility slows down by the Asian start
    not many trade it but if you find a pattern that works in that market hours you can always strike :)
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  6. d08


    Most of it applies to automation and technical aspects, for discretionary TWS does the work for you. You still have differences in halts, auctions, the lunch break middle of the day etc.

    It's hard to find information on Japanese small caps unless you speak Japanese, so you're sort of trading in the dark even if you don't depend on news. For very large caps, it doesn't make a big difference necessarily as those are followed globally.
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  7. maxinger


    Asian market (index futures, stocks ) is one of the best markets to day trade.

    During the Trump era, the Asian market was very tradable due to the trade war.

    Recently, China has been scrutinizing those big Chinese companies.
    And that moved to market massively.
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  8. So when you say "best markets to day trade" . Could you go into detail please.

    Also which Asian markets are you referring to, Japan, China etc etc?

    Broker wise would you say IB is ok for Asian markets?

    Thank you
  9. maxinger


    I actually update such info in my Journal in ET on regular basis.

    IB is very comprehensive; it covers quite a few Asian exchanges.

    For trading some products like Thailand products (eg SET50), you have to look for
    Asian broker to trade it.
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  10. padutrader


    yes it does ...only by comparison but it also gives good opportunities.....

    10 years back asian markets were quite is much better now...
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