does anyone have experience with vantage.point software?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Criteo, May 4, 2007.

  1. Criteo


    I am newbie. Recently returned from living in Mx. looking for trading software and came across Vantage.Point software trending analysis for all markets. Anyone have experience?
  2. Why would anyone need a trading software?

    Yes, it's often recommended that you have a mechanical trading strategy over a discretionary strategy.
    But from being mechanical, to giving a machine to handle your hard-earned money, there's a big difference.

    You can get equal or better stock picks/market timing doing it yourself.

    Vantage point is extremely overpriced software. Their developers are millionaires, but not from trading, rather from selling software.
  3. Yes, run screaming away from it. Google something like "VantagePoint scam" or "VantagePoint review" and you will understand.
  4. Criteo


    Thanks for the advice. I will Google next.
  5. I Love the emails..

    Sorry, we forgot to mention to get into it, but it was a NICE MOVE anyways...

    $8,000 is best spent with a broker/mentor who can teach you how to trade, if at all...
  6. Also, read the ridiculous disclaimer regarding the system's "80% accuracy"...
    It reads such that it's 80% accurate, but really, it's possible that it could be quite less than 80% accurate...and may not be accurate at all...

    Clever - and food for the unintelligable masses thristing for the HOLY GRAIL!
  7. Criteo


    yeah well one wonders anyway. Lots of Holy Grail searches out there. The salesman is a property rehabber too. So, holding down one job and part timing another? But, frankly the reviews I googled were mostly good.