Does anyone have experience using Flow-Algo software?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by JesseJamesFinn1, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. I use to have some cool option software that showed all the options of each strike being bought streaming like time-and-sales. Can anyone give their views if Flow-Algo is something like this?
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    Yes Flowalgo is similar but it only provides the big orders info. Also it has darkpool as well. What is the name of the other software you used?
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    You mean like this??

  4. Esignal and LiveVol had windows option traders could keep track of all trades going off on the stock your following. Its a great too! Have you had any success with Flo-Algo? Thanks for answering my question, good luck!
  5. horizon


    Flo Algo is hit or miss since it filters so many small orders and only shows the big orders. You do feel the sentiment of the trades but it is not always correct.
    Did you have sucesss with Esignal? I never tried it but heard it was good.
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  6. Yes, Esignal is pretty good but I found the LiveVol software more productive for option mining.
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