Does anyone have any experience with Top Trader Mentoring Program?

Discussion in 'Options' started by marksano, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. marksano


    I've been trading stocks for a few years, managing 2 401 accounts. I'm now interested in learning as much as I can about trading options. I've come accross Top Trader mentoring program and am interested in pursuing it. Anyone hear of this program? Good news or bad news?

  2. Interesting Mark...I'm looking/thinking about Dan Sheridan's mentoring course at Optionvue...also interested in other's thoughts. What are the particulars that Top Trader offers & price? You might benefit from thinkorswim...options in an IRA class they are currently offering it in several cities in the US and free.
  3. smallfil


    I think it is an educational package they are selling. Don't remember the amount.
    They usually offer a discount to regular price. I think it may be $150 (discounted)
    for the package. Didn't fork over the money for it. Bought some more books and DVDs to study at home instead.
    You can pretty much get bits of information from various sources. The problem is when you try and develop your own style and you use everything you have learned so far in a cohesive fashion----that is the challenge that needs to be mastered!!!
  4. marksano


    Thanks for the feedback. The price of the course is much more than a few hundred dollars...more like a few grand! I'm thinking I'll follow your path and walk before I run!