Does anyone have a Tempur-Pedic mattress?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by clacy, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. clacy


    I've been considering purchasing a Tempur-Pedic bed/mattress, but I would like to get some opinions before spending the money.

    The price is pretty expensive, at $2,600 for the Deluxe mattress and another $500 for the foundation (king size).

    If you have a Tempur Pedic, I'd be curious if you bought the foundation or just used your old box spring.

    Also, if you would give your opinion on the quality of sleep you found with the TP bed.

    I'm a side sleeper, so I get sore throughout the night and have to change sides frequently.

    It's a steep price, but when you consider the amount of time you spend in bed, and the effect that the quality of your sleep is.

    I have a newer bed, which is only 1.5 yrs, but I'm just not happy with it any longer.

    Thanks for any feedback.
  2. My mattress may have been a Tempur Pedic but I got drunk and ripped off the tag. I'm up for parole soon.
  3. Lucrum


    I don't own one but I tried one out at a store once. I liked it. But like you it seemed awfully expensive for what, I think, amounts to a big piece of foam.
  4. what does a $2600 mattress supposed to do that an $800 doesn't :eek:
  5. JimYoung


    If you live near a Bob's furniture, get the bob o pedic. I have it and it is heavenly
  6. Don't know how much you've looked around but if you haven't do it. The temperpedic gets alot of pub. for what I don't know. Try the various Stearns and Fosters and others at furniture stores and they're dreams ...veritable clouds. They're worth the cash.
  7. I got the $4500 King Tempur pedic, 2nd from the very top of the line. Really nice sleep. I don't have any back issues so I probably could have just bought a king size normal mattress. But its very comfy and provides good support. Its HEAVY as all hell to move though.
  8. Back when we were shopping for a mattress I tried one and it seemed like just foam rubber. Now we have a Stearns and Foster Palm Court. It just melts into you. Try that before you committ.
  9. Go to Costco. They have a similar item for far far less in price.
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