Does anyone get "Futures Magazine"

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    S&C has a tighter format in my opinion, but Futures has some interesting technical analysis columns every month.

    I subscribe to S&C but get Futures for free. If you work in the industry, you can apply for a free subscription.
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    They complement each other. Both address technical analysis, market structure and trading. They focus on commodities, commodity markets and regulations. Their contributors offer more in depth economic analysis. I like it because this analysis is more sophisticated and they got well known people expressing their opinions ( Corzine was featured there as well before MF debacle ).

    It is a little bit expensive.

    This magazine may not appeal to everybody and best advice is to buy few editions retail. They must have some electronic edition/trial and you may try that as well before subscribing.
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    It's alright but they don't have as much original reporting as they used to. Still, it's helpful for keeping abreast of what's going on in the industry and I'd recommend buying the print edition if you don't want to spend even more time in front of a computer. If you don't mind reading online, I think most (all?) of what they publish can be had for free.

    On a related note, that's one company that is a shell of its former self. Back in the 90s they used to own the Pro Farmer newsletter, at least one other newsletter, they put on lots of conferences, they had a commodities wire service called Futures Market News (FMN) that competed with Knight-Ridder Financial (KRF) and Reuters, and a fairly high-end quote, charting and analytics platform whose name escapes me, but it was a competitor to firms like CQG.

    Pro Farmer and Futures live on with new (separate) owners; I don't know what happened to FMN and the software division.
  4. i can confirm the mag is free online. i've been reading it for years now - some value added though considering it's free and it only takes about 2 mins to scan through the articles to see if there's something worth reading it's not hard to add some value.
  5. Good fluff for reading on the NYC subway down to Wall St.

    Ginger, the editor, writes nice articles but most the the 'tech analysis' is childish.

    STill, I'd rather be caught reaing futures than US Magazine.
  6. That mag kept getting thinner and thinner untill I gave up on it. Ginger is a cool lady, but I thought they folded long ago after losing advertisers. I guess they are still hanging in there.
  7. I subscribed to the print edition for a year. Leaving aside the problems with delivery to Thailand, I did not see the magazine as being value for money.

    The technical analysis stuff was usually superficial, the odd article having some research basis but never conclusive. I always felt they came across as a work in progress, an interim report as it were.

    Trader interviews were useful in the same way Market Wizards is useful. Industry news largely irrelevant to me. You do get food for thought sometimes, in the same way diverse reading on anything helps.

    Whatever they offer I can dip into online for free, and the cost of the subscription pays for 2 books on trading each year - a better use of my time and money this way. If they put up a pay wall, I would simply live without it.

    IB and BMT webinars provide more meat on the technical stuff, are free, and allow Q&A.
  8. what????

    i agree.. any TA in a mag is a waste of space.. i like hearing about guys melt downs.. getting cornered... etc.. real world shit.. not fruity appeal to the 90's day trader stuff
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    I get both Futures and Stocks and Commodities as I only trade commodities they are one of the few magazine that cover the field .. some of the articles are better than others and should be considered “Work in progress”.. but a good sours of ideas to take further. Try contacting the authors I have so far never found one that is not willing to help in one way or the other.
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