Does anyone flip IPO's as a career?

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  1. Or know of how it works.
  2. flipping IPO's as a career ? sure
    like trading for aliving it's something you may want to consider if you are bored of your current job no matter what that is. Think about it ? Why would you work for someone else when you can flip IPO's from the comfort of your home?
  3. it's just like flipping houses.
  4. "Does anyone flip IPO's as a career?"

    Chew know how I duz......I stayz flipping IPO's all day eeeerrvery day:cool: Holla
  5. Anyone successful at it? Any secrets to success? Thanks!
  6. I have made millions at it, send me 100k and I will tell you how I did it.. :)
  7. SteveD


    You buy them and when they go up you sell them for a profit. If they are not going to go up, do not buy them.

    seriously, I have done so in the past. Have not seen that much follow through on most IPO's this year.

    Exactly what do you mean by "flipping" as all of the stock market is a "flip". The only difference is the timing aspect.

    You buy a stock, you hold it, then you sell it and hope to profit from that transaction.

    But, you do nothing whatsoever to that share of stock in the way of adding value to it.

    PM me if you are really interested in IPO's.

  8. Electric...

    You made millions that lira?

    You couldn't trade your way out of a bakery with any amount of dough...
  9. zdreg


    i will send you 200 if you give me exclusivity to your knowledge:)
  10. zdreg,

    What I know cannot be explained...haven't I proved that? lol :)

    Michael B.

    P.S I do not have a million ....

    p.p.s. those 2 c-notes you offered might give me the "better end of the deal"

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