Does anyone else work on Saturdays?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Sep 14, 2002.

  1. In between college football games, I wash the cars and read barrons cover to cover. b.t.w...this week's is lame, if you havent gotten it yet I wouldnt bother
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  2. I researched the steak and eggs at the local lunch counter. Later I will read Barron's and nab some statistics for my spreadsheets. I'll look at charts, I'll look at sentiment indicators, I'll take a nap. I will research the top of my desk when I clean it. If something else catches my fancy, I'll look into that.
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  3. Who is winning?
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  4. Well, I should have gone short but instead I went long on the hours, so I'd say I'm down right now.

    However, I'm going to fade next week and play the gap when I get back the week after.
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  5. and I worked on Saturday for the last 10, what's your point ??? :p

    Don't worry Aphie, we all work on w-end for a good cause : ... so we could trade on week days ! :D

    Cheers !! :cool:
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  6. 18 posts today....... just when did you do any work???

    Getting paid to hang out on a message board all day is a SWEET deal !!
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  7. mgkrebs


    somebody's gotta do it.
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  8. And what exactly are you doing to earn extra money for the trading kitty?
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  9. I work at a golf center. Seems like golf is a magnet for rich people, too.
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  10. dete49


    yep worked all weekend
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