Does anyone else think this is a suckers rally?

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  1. Seems to me releasing the SPR is absolutely meaningless.
  2. thanks for duplicating, see They tapped the SPR!! to keep it all on one thread today.
  3. it will help refineries that are ready for oil to process to be assured that their will be no disruption in their processing schedules. the oil inventory disruption from tanker off-loading delays will be filled in for the mean time with SPR stock. this was as expected and of course a needed measure --- but now we still do not know what the refining capabilities are for the next few weeks with the damage assessment still on going. the oil will be available to refine, but their may be a period of time before all the damaged refineries are ready to come back on-line.

  4. There is no electricty down there therefore, if capacities are running at 100%, 100% of zero is still zero.

    Just trying to understand it.
  5. Biggest suckers rally I personally have ever seen.
  6. Does anyone else think this is a suckers rally?

    I love all rallies, suckers or non-suckers. as long as it wobbles around.

  7. yes i agree --- until the refineries are back online there is no additional means to refine oils that are released from the spr --- once the refineries are online then they will have oil to refine while still the tanker offload issues are being determined.
  8. I'm just growing tired of the mkt trying to go up every single day. It's getting boring and tiresome.

    Everyday it's the same thing. Over and over and over and over.
  9. Truff


    Don't think, just react!!
  10. Apparently if you aren't in love with this mkt like everyone else you are the sucker.
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