Does anyone else think the market is set up for a big gain tomorrow?

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  1. bat1


    Well, it's at the point of a big move up or
    back down we go!:D
  2. or will stay flat in the narrowing range: 1pct, 0.5pct, 0.1pct...
  3. Redneck


    This is not an indication of my bias – I don’t have one

    Merely an observation – imo every short and their brother is getting squeezed out – when the market falls next – it’ll fall hard

    No shorts left to cover and slow it down

    But I also think its posturing for the upcoming election

    Ride the wave – no matter which way it rolls…

  4. Nice O/N selloff in EURUSD and stock futures. Let's see what happens. The Nasdaq has been extremely overbought recently, so the earnings news could easily be priced in already.
  5. Yeah, I agree. I think it is going to be a volatile day though with the path of least resistance being up.

    Impossible to say for sure, but I think there is 1 or 2 big moves in store to the upside before some sort of retracement.
  6. Don't forget, it's also quad witching. Go shorts!
  7. Kudos to our European buddies! [​IMG]

  8. Good point - could be interesting
  9. IMO big upday in store, but as with any day, anything can happen.

    Just saw this go by. Looks a bit premature to be talking about this, but FWIW:


    The Nasdaq 100 has become the first heavily followed index to break out of its four-month-long trading range. This could see momentum return to the index, and could lead to further upside as traders chase it. Next resistance target is at the May 6th flash crash high of 1964.10. Support is at 1939.77.

    If you owned STU, you already had a nice day. Maybe even a nice year just now.
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