Does anyone else feel that when they are in

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  1. a trade, the things they do to you are probably illegal under the sodomy statutes?
  2. Total adrenaline rush, the kind I can't find anywhere else.
  3. <i>"Total adrenaline rush, the kind I can't find anywhere else."</i>

    That aptly describes trading the ER, too. ES gives a feeling of deliberate, methodical profits most of the time. ER can be a wild child at any time.

    Both telegraph themselves very well, but one is more rush and the other mostly mundane.
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    On monday the 5th, ER2 was crazy, at 10:02 someone dropped ER2 from 774 to 772 in 20 seconds. I said, "what the f*ck was that,,,, this is crazy!"
  5. Last Friday morning ER slapped thru a 4pt sideways range in three violent swings, nil volume. Did a similar thing Wednesday morning, smaller range but same pattern.

    When volatility is low, ER is king. When volatility is high, it's a wild one.

    Three ES trades for me today went short +2pts (trailed stop just before surging another 4pts lower) short +4pts and short +3pts.

    Five ER trades went short -1.5pts, long +2pts, short -1pt, short +1pt and short +3pts

    All ER trades went at least +1/2pt in favor, two stopped out for net loss. Bottom line? ER is spiky = whippy as the other side of its dual-edged volatility sword. High adrenaline critter, for sure
  6. Two whole points? Wow, that must have made the Evening News!