Does anyone else feel sleepy while trading?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by rin4et, Sep 28, 2017.

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    I rigged up both stationary bike and treadmill with a shelve in front of them and would switch back and forth as I have always found manual trading to be so flicking boring wait for same signals. At one point was biking 30 miles a day and walking eight miles a day uphill. Now it is beautiful, it is called automation and can be anywhere in the world and plug into Tradovate to see what's going on. I still use the equipment everyday but watch more of what ET'ers been watching for years----porn. ROFLMAO
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  2. Regarding the coffee idea, I am sure it works for some people but I, personally, don't drink it. It gives me heart palpitations and the caffeine crash after that is horrible.
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    OP hasn't responded since 11-7, so you all are beating a dead horse.
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  4. She seemed like an emotional flake -- she probably busted her initial trading account already.
    Or lost a significant amount, and decided to call it quits or take a breather.

    She bragged about trading a large % of her account during "high probability trades"...which is laughable. The market probably dealt her a Joker card.

    To succeed in need the emotional maturity and stability and neutrality of a surgeon or Buddhist monk. and the adrenaline and intensity and the dynamic, quick-thinking abilities of a fighter pilot. -- and a calm painter too, thinking about the whole collective painting/chart.
    a weird combination.

    Because your character will be tested on all of those variables with every trade. and if one of them is lacking or defective or inferior in's over. it's goodbye trading acct.
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    Ha look at the class act we have here! Way to go spewing garbage about trading and someone you do not know!
    I had requested Baron to deactivate my account. Did it ever occur to you that maybe I decided to deactivate my account because I found it not worth my time fraternizing with trolls like you on ET.
    Instead I decided to focus my time and energy on making money and improving my trading skills. And I have done well, exceeded my expectations!
    And stop spreading fake news like CNN. No where did I talk about trading a large % of account. Instead I mentioned several times that my position size was 1k. And I have since stopped paper trading (taken off my training wheels) and I have increased my position size to 3k which is still a small fraction of my account > 60k. And if the market plays a joker card there is something called a stop loss you fool!
    I know you would love to see me fail because it would make you feel better about your own failures but I am sorry to say I am way past that point of ever blowing up my account. Which destroys the myth I see on this site that every trader has significant losses while learning to trade. That is absolutely false! If you are smart about this game and take it slow and use caution, you do not need to blow up your account or have significant losses on the road to success.
    And stop spewing false info about trading. If trading for you is as you described above let me tell you that is because you have a poor strategy. If you have a poor strategy no amount of emotional maturity, psychology and character mumbo jumbo is going to make up for it! Trading to me is as effortless and seamless as driving down the interstate (yes I have never had an accident thanks to defensive driving) Work of improving your strategy and practice, practice, practice then trading will become second nature to you too.
    And for your kind information, the successful ones do not last long on ET. They are busy focusing on very important aspects of their lives while making money, acquiring passive investments/real estate and enjoying success.
    Instead the ones that are active on ET are either trolls or those that failed and are hoping to stumble upon some morsel of wisdom that will turn around their trading. Or they want to massage each other's egos so that they don't feel so bad about their failure. So if someone doesn't post on here actively don't just assume they blew up their account. On the contrary they might have encountered success beyond their wildest imagination and are busy pursuing very important things in their lives!
    To the rest of ET, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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    Um ... well ... I do seem to recall that the very first conversation I had with you was exactly about that, and in fact that was what made me post in your thread, actually. ;)

    But in any case welcome back, and a Happy New Year.
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    I still stand by that statement but I never said anything about going big right away but gradually increasing position size with time and success. I started with a 1k position size and now I am at 3k. With time and success I will increase it to 5k, 10k, 20k, 30k etc. Consistent practice and success gives the confidence to increase position size.
    Thank you and Happy New Year to you as well!
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    Glad you're back Rinet
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    I recall reading somewhere long ago that a person needed 7 hours of sleep, so that's what I did for years. I always wondered why I was so tired when waking up and had trouble getting out of bed. Switched to 8 hours and as if magically the tiredness went away.
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  10. Recently I saw on TV that the brain needs 4 hours to recover, and that we sleep in 90 minute cycles. So, after the 4 hours, if you wake up within a 90 minute cycle you'll likely feel the need for more sleep. But if you wake up near the end on one of the cycles, you'll feel rested. I've experimented with this a little and it seems to be true.
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