Does anyone else feel sleepy while trading?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by rin4et, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. ElCubano


    is your neck thicker than 17 inches? lol I'm serious. I would get a sleep apnea study done. did someone confirm you don't snore? good luck bud.
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  2. rin4et


    I think you falsely assumed I am a man :)
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  3. ElCubano


    lol. Why? because women cant have 17 inch necks? or because I cant say "good luck bud" to a woman? :D
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  4. Apparently you fail to understand why God created coffee.

    If you say you don't drink coffee, then you are heading out in to the jungle everyday without the tools that are needed for survival. No sympathy. Try getting a set of jumper cables and put one on each ankle if you don't drink coffee.
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  5. Go for a short walk, or do you have to stay on the computer non stop?
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  6. Handle123


    Often what was once a fun enterprise has turned into work activity and get bored and sleepy. Get a treadmill and like a hamster and their wheel, have PC on a table just in front of you and start walking and running to get blood circulating. Best is to automate, set it and do other activities.
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  7. Roderick


    Once I was expecting a good deal entrance and fell asleep, woke up in the morning, after that if I want to sleep even a little bit - I don't trade.
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  8. It could have been worse - you could've opened a position, fallen asleep and then the market could've developed against your position. It's happened to me more than once. Which is why I agree, don't trade when you're sleepy.
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  9. Sprout


    Perhaps instead of resisting against it, one could flow with it.

    Research polyphasic sleep cycles.

    Animals do this naturally.

    With people, it facilitates accelerated learning, heightened creativity and ‘genius states.’
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