Does anyone else feel sleepy while trading?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by rin4et, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. rin4et


    The monotonous nature of trading makes me sleepy. Around 10am Pacific time I start to feel sleepy.
    I don't want to use stimulants like coffee. I need psychological help! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Does anyone else feel sleepy while trading?
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  2. vanzandt


    Up the size of your position.:sneaky:
  3. CALLumbus


    Sleep more at night. Dont eat too heavy food during the day. Get plenty of fresh air. Make your trading more fun and interesting, if this is not possible do some additional fun and interesting stuff while waiting for your setups/trades. Listen to dubstep, dance in your room, hopp up and down. Make sure your room is not too warm. Put your feet in cold water.
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  4. Could be physical/biological. Some people get tired and drift off to sleep after having a meal or at certain times of the day. You could have a mild or undiagnosed case of diabetes or chronic fatigue syndrome. Regular tiredness can be difficult to resolve unless you trade at the start of the day when you wake up. Even then I'd limit my carb intake to reduce any potential drowsiness. Exercise can help if added to your routine appropriately and without over doing it
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    Anybody that is a stock trader that would like to voice chat with me during trading hours? Being able to give running commentary about the market and my trades might help me stay awake :)
  6. Well first of all...Are you getting enough sleep -- if you're not, there you go.
    You mentioned in another post that you have problems or issues with your sleep schedule.

    Switch to a high protein diet. protein is brain food. consider drinking whey protein milk shakes. -- carbohydrates and junk food and baked goods all will make you feel bogged down.
    those starbucks frappa crappa whatevers kind of have high sugar content too.
    give up soda, if you currently drink that.

    I have a pair of 30lb dumbbells next to my desk/computer...I often do a variety of excercises with those. and i have a massage table too, which i use as my bed...great firm surface for situps and ab exercises.

    And last but not least...Trading IS boring. so Naturally you will feel sleepy. you just sit like a sloth watching/waiting/timing that chart movement, o_O looking and feeling like a zombie,

    You can't have it both ways in life. Adapt to the lesser of the two semi-pleasant things.

    When I first started out trading...I would sometimes lay in bed...just staring at the screen while listening to music or watching a movie...And I would fall asleep, and suffer a sour loss by the time I woke up,

    You kind of remind me of a movie quote...from the movie Boiler Room 2000....'don't pitch the bitch...they always'll never hear the end of it.'

    Good trading,
    May the Farce be with you, ET extraterrestrials
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  7. Eat coconut oil (1-2 tbl. spoons) in the morning with oatmeal or by itself. This produces brain energy KETONES...a backup fuel source using fatty acids.:)
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  8. maxinger


    Honestly speaking, this is serious problem.

    during trading ,we need to be calm and alert, confident, patience, without negative emotion.

    limit your trading to say 2 or 3 hrs maximum.
    do meditation, exercise more ....
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  9. wrbtrader


    1) Get a night of good sleep...undisturbed.

    2) Exercise in the morning...before you trade.

    3) Eat nutritious breakfast meal...light meal.

    You'll be surprise at how much your routine the night before impacts your trading in the morning. Don't underestimate it.

    P.S. You taking any prescribe medications or under Doctor's care...overweight or any health problems that you're concerned about ?
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  10. rin4et


    No I don't have health problems and I am not overweight. That's me in my picture. I am skinny.
    I don't have the time to exercise or eat breakfast in the morning. The market opens @ 6:30 am. There is barely enough time for anything in the morning. But I will try to have breakfast and see how I feel.
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