Does anyone deserve your vote?

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  1. All sorts of politicians want your vote in two days, but do any of them DESERVE it? Perhaps you should ask them. Here's the message I emailed to the campaigns of my local candidates:

    Should I vote for Politician X?
    I'm writing to check whether Politician X deserves my vote or not. I like his stand on reducing government spending (=waste), but I'm unclear on one important detail: What is his stand on our draconian and ineffective drug prohibition policies? What about the 500,000 American political prisoners currently incarcerated for victimless 'drug crimes'? Should I have the right to own my own body and do with it as I please, as long as I don't harm anyone... or should my body be government property, with politicians deciding which substances I'm allowed or forbidden to ingest?

    Your website isn't clear on this at all. So I'm asking now: What is Politician X's stand on drug prohibition? Does he deserve my vote or not?


    ~(your name)
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    We all know politicians will SAY anything to get elected. So one sure fire way to find out a candidates true stance on this issue is to contribute a kilo of marijuana to their campaign.

    If they send it to the DEA then they're hard core right and not deserving of your vote, as far as this issue goes anyway.

    If they kindly return the contribution with a thanks but no thanks note they're probably moderates possibly deserving your vote if no better candidate emerges.

    If they invite you to campaign headquarters to help them smoke cigar size joints then you know you've found your man.
  3. Do you know the position of Christine O'Donnell on the subject ?
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    I heard missionary but that may be just a rumor.
  5. ^^
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    Reardon, you are going about this all wrong. The question you should ask them is a simple one and a constitutional one. Ask them where they stand on the 9th and 10th amendments. Ask them if they support state sovereignty. One hundred percent of the left does not. Probably 90% of the right doesn't. But some out there do. This election more then any in history have more candidates that support state rights.