Does anyone analyze currency indexes to make FX trades?

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  1. I just had the idea that studying currency indexes could be a very good idea (match a bullish pattern with a bearish one and trades would have a both higher potential profits and higher probabilities of being profitable -- makes enough sense to be worth a shot).

    Anyway, what do you use to analyze these indexes, and if they are commonly quoted what are their tickers?

    Thank you for your time.

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  2. euclid


    I create my own indices in real time using a proprietary non-linear calculation.
  3. Very nice, but where can I get it? I didn't see the DJECI listed anywhere. Do you have to order the data through them?

    Also do they have other currencies?

  4. Thought you meant a data source. DJ charges for this service.
  5. Euclid,

    How do you go about this? A feed into excel? Also, do you chart it?


  6. Any data source is helpful. I'm trying to limit costs now (just realized I've spent $425 on books, and I only have $1500 spare to start with), but I'm very happy to collect any resources I can - even if they just stay stashed in my bookmarks for a while. If the cost is worth it though I will spend the money.

    Are you familiar with the product and its cost, as well as any other currencies it tracks?

    I also see things like the dollar index on CNBC. Can I get that data anywhere?

  7. euclid


    Calculated and charted in Metatrader.
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  8. Very nice. Can you describe your experience with these and using them with Metatrader?

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