Does anybody use the MarketGauge indicators? What do you think?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by davidhelms, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. I don't do a lot of trading, and have been a TC2000 and Telechart user for a number of years. I met a guy at a TC2000 show a few years ago, and he shared his custom indicators with me. I have been using them with moderate success. When my Scottrade account switched over to Ameritrade, I was able to start using ThinkorSwim. I want to re-create the TC2000 custom indicators in TOS, but I'm not having much luck. My TC2000 renewal comes up soon and I want to switch over to TOS.

    I seem to remember the guy telling me the original indicators came from MarketGauge. I have watched their video, and it looks pretty similar.

    I'm looking for two things. If someone would share the triple play indicators for TOS and TC2000 with me, that would be great. I could determine if my indicators are based on MarketGauge, and also determine what the differences are. As an alternative, has anybody taken their courses? If so, what do you think?
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    Being as there is nothing new under the market data sun, it is "very unlikely" (read: impossible) for the indicators you seek to not be similarly available amongst the plethora ("Yes, Hefe, I said 'plethora.") of indicators on every platform. So, posting a formula or two would go a long way to getting you comfy with the extant alternatives.
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    That's a completely useless, generic reply. Do you actually know anything about TC2000?
  4. I'm currently using something that I am accustomed to and seems to work well enough for me. I'm just trying to get it to work in ThinkorSwim, but not having any luck.

    I have compared charts I generated in TC2000 to some I saw in a webinar by Marketgauge, and they look very similar. If I can't get my indicators to work, I'm considering signing up for Marketgauge for a year to get their indicators.

    Before I do that, I was hoping somebody on this board had some feedback on their experiences with Marketgauge.

    How about it, does anybody have any input?