Does anybody tried this Non-Directional Trading from tradingology2?

Discussion in 'Options' started by wuming79, Apr 3, 2009.

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    Did anyone sign up for this course? Is it worth the money? It looks cheap but I am not sure how reliable is the information. Everything is done online.
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    The first post you make is about some "online course". Sounds like SPAM.
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    It's not high quality SPAM since the OP didn't include the web address :)
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    You were heard! :)
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    I'm feeling rather OMnipotent today!
    (and bored by the lack of market action)

  7. I would say "Non-Directional" Trading is an oxymoron because non-directional or trading flat is indeed a direction. Pick any stock and I would say that it is more likely to go up or down instead of sideways, flat, non-directional or which ever term can be used for "Non-Directional".

    "Non-Directional Trading" is easier to promote because it's perceived easier than having to pick one of the other two directions - up or down - even though those two are more likely.

    Markets are:
    • 1st = Bullish
    • 2nd = Bearish
    • 3rd = Non-Directional