Does anybody trade FCOJ on ICE?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by bubba1, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. bubba1


    I just wonder what success (or otherwise) people have had . . .
  2. Remember this is you might want to simply your question/s as 90 % who read this thread will not know

    1) Whats FCOJ

    2) Whats ICE

    3) What is F,G,H,J,M,K,M,N,Q,U,V,X,Z

    4) Then thread will turn into a FLAME WAR as people argue on whether buying 1 litre bottles at Tesco/Walmart/Sainsbury can be used as hedging.

    5) Before you know 40 pages of quasi academic bullsh!t will have been written all over.

    6) It will turn personal at page 3 and there will be multiple and explicit references about your loved ones and pets.

    Gosh l love this website :D
  3. bubba1


    What brix do you use to convert the ss product you buy in the High Street shops to lbs solid? And how do you handle the quid/usd x-r?

  4. Don't start, these folks might just get excited :D

    Sometimes i wonder if these guys are actually naive or its just a hobby for them ?
  5. Shagi


    Yeh we trade it, we trade all ICE softs - success well no difference to other markets - though OJ is a bit thin so need to be careful about order types you use.

    What really do want to know ?
  6. ag forums rarely bust out in "flame wars" we are all pretty well behaved here. with that said yes OJ is thin but not a bad market it trends well. Sold off brutally yesterday
  7. forums are just like the ag pits...we all give each other hell from time to time, but we're a close knit bunch...

    As far as OJ goes...the thinness CAN work to your advantage at times, but one thing to note is that setting "hard" stops is near impossible, as OJ tends to fakeout a lot due to the light volume. I prefer to trade it from a swing and position standpoint (few weeks to few months), as then the fakeouts don't mess with you as much. Cotton is by far the best soft market to daytrade imo, with sugar a close second.
  8. i like coffee better than cotton TX but ya sugar is great some deep deep pockets there
  9. Shagi


    After some whipsaws for past 2 months - I reckon Sugar has bottomed out and Cocoa gathering energy for another push up in the next year - those are plays in my in tray - but the real action is in Currencies and Bonds at the moment, softs not much going on unless you in the Yen of Softs(OJ):p
  10. promagma


    Among all the commodities, OJ is dirt cheap right now, with respect to the 20 year low.
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