Does anybody own a ferrari?

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  1. I'm thinking of buying a ferrari. Not a brand new one, but a used one, 1987 328. Does anybody has anything feedback on owning one? Is it a bad investment to buy a ferrari this old? I can't afford a brand new one, but this one looks pretty good. I'm not promoting this car. I am just thinking of buying it.

    Give me a reason why I shouln't buy it please before I waste money and make this bad purchase. Thank you.

  2. sure you aren't the seller?
    pump and dump.

  3. Do you look like Magnum PI?:D They are very high maintenance and not the comfortable from what I have been told. I have ridden in a couple of Ferraris and they just aren't comfortable. I wanted a Vette as my dream trading reward, but I think now, when I get to the point of having to cash I would rather get a nice Benz, fast and comfortable, but that's just me. :cool:
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    If I were you, I would call the local Ferrari dealer and ask how much they charge for a routine checkup, windshield wipers, and something big like a tranny rebuild. I almost bought a Mercedes E-something once, until I found out a new set of wipers cost about $150. This may save you some unforeseen surprises in a year or two!
  6. 1. Insurance- Big $$$ to insure a Ferrari.
    2. Door dings/body repairs- More expensive to repair by far
    3. Maintenance- Any part on the car will probably have to be special ordered and cost many times more then that of a regular vehicle.
    4. Reliability- Awful
    5. Practicality- Awful
    6. Bad weather capability- Awful
  7. i agree with above post. likely buying it will be cheap as is the case with most used luxury cars:bmw, porsche, mercedes, etc... it all seems too good to be true until you take it in to fix even the most minute of things and you are on the hook for thousands and thousands...if you have deep pockets though - a ferrari would be alot of fun...
  8. With Ferarri comes hot chicks.

    This is a universal rule.


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    Shouldn't all the digits (except the last) in the odometer line up??????
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