Does Anybody know what Platform this guy in the video is using

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by unclebond555, Mar 7, 2012.

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    This is the link if the embedded video does not show

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    thats their own platform,

    Thanks for taking the time to review our "Online Trading Platform" . We've been around for over 25 years and we understand that these "direct access trading software" providers get a little out of hand with the prices they're charging...specifically when they don't provide the specific tools, charts, and execution the traders need to beat the market markets each and every day.

    We've used Realtick, Instaquote and several other direct access trading platforms and found that...bottom line...they didn't cut the mustard. Outside of the fact that these "trading systems" weren't up to our high levels of standards, they didn't have our proprietary "mathematical trading formulas" built right into them, nor did they allow us the customization to do so.

    With that, we've put several years and dollars into the development of our state of the art "Trading Platform". There is noting like it on "Wall Street". At the end of the day their developers lack the traders expertise needed to build and develop a state-of-the-art "Stock Market Trading Platform"
  3. I thought that they may have gotten a platform and added indicators but I just wanted to know if it looked like something someone has used ..

    Do you know of any good charting software ? Thanks
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    you can try it for free google 'smf platform'
  5. when googling it, i don't see any pertinent results. can you please provide a link? im pretty interested
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    you need to keep your google up-to-date
  7. lol .... thats how everybody felt on that day
  8. The software is very good ...if anybody joins the site let us know more about how it works

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    Their software sucks and they are just snake oil salesmen. You can get free charts from NT and many other trading platforms without paying for useless mentoring courses. In none of the videos are they calling live trades nor do they provide a verified track record.

    Basically, they offer a free seminar to try to get you to enroll in their paid courses. The only thing good is their marketing which is good enough to fool morons who have not used some of the free software. I love how he says our program creates these math based lines and you can't get this program any where else. All good charting software creates lines like that.

    I would suggest anyone who wants a mentor find someone who actually trades real money every day, and anyone who wants to have pretty lines, download a free charting application like NT. Note you do need to pay NT when you actually do trade real money with a broker with their software.

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