Does anybody here is from Czech Republic?

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  1. Sure, I have played with Tiesto, PVD, Digweed, Sasha, Timo, Nick warren etc.

    The money is good. Im not a superstar as of yet, close. But I can get anywhere from 2000 to 5000 a gig, depending. Oakenfold gets 35000 to 40000 and Digweed/Sasha combined pull in 35000.

    Now ive been doing it for 15 years. I have been trading for only 4.

    Go to That is the Massive club that Im the music director at and resident dj. It opens in Aug.

    The area of djing is like the area of trading, everyone is one and many dont make it.
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  2. If you guys want the last Mix I did at CREAM, or at the WMC, send me your addrease and i will send you a copy of the CD.

    But only if you guys like tribel House and Deep LONDON house.

    I don't play trance anymore, nor do I play anything commercial. I deal only in Whitelabels, Records produced and only say, 50 are made, Usally, four months later they come out on a label. So, im one of the first to get alot of the music.
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    HI, my connection is really good. I am using microwave of local Internet Provider
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    I am using CYBEER. I very very very happy satisfied......
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    I agree... I will tell you next time.. :)
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    Hi my Slovak friend.. Congratulations!!!! If you will have any free time check this please, there are a few chzech traders.. BTW Sometimes is not working (this is free server). Please be patient...
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  7. richk


    Sure, that I am in Prague, CZ.
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  8. thomas


    Czech girl taught me this phrase:

    Bosch Mrrda!

    I know the spelling is not correct, but that's how it sounds. :D
    #18     Jun 4, 2002
  9. Cesko


    Bosch Mrrda!

    :D :p

    Yep. Spelling is wrong.
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  10. janko


    cesko, can you spell it right. im slovak but damn i cant figure this one out. thnx:(
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