Does anybody here is from Czech Republic?

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  1. GRIME


    I am trading from Prague and you?
  2. Prague is a kickass city, one of my favorite in Europe.

    (I'm not from Czech but studied there briefly, at Pulacki U. in Olomouc.)

    My bro met his wife there also, they live back in states now.
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    How good is your Internet connection ?
  4. Cesko



    I have the same question about connection.
    Who is your broker?
  5. Prague has a great club scene. Not as good as Ibiza but great for the Eastern block. All the guys i travel and dj with play prague, In fact, this month, in about two weeks, a Massive line up in club djs is comming to Prague's nightlife.

    Of course, besides being a trader, I am also a international DJ, ahh the life of a trader.....freedom trading gives you.

    Anyways keep an eye out for Carol Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Dave Seaman and Nick Warren, I might be out their but depends on the Opening of our Massive club in chicago...

    take care......
  6. Czech girls are hot...

  7. Did you ever DJ at a little joint in Prague called Joe's Bar? Little hole in the wall place not far from the Charles Bridge, down a flight or two of steps, like the inside was carved out of a cave?

    We danced all night at that place, talk about memories. You couldn't swing a dead cat in that town without hitting a knockout chick.
  8. Prague is fun, what's the food like these days? (last time I was there 10 years ago it was terrible)


    just curious, what's your primary occupation DJ or trader? Can you talk about the career of professional DJ ? I would have loved to be a DJ and I am fan of DJ Tiesto, Van Dyck, ATB etc. but how difficult is it to make money as a DJ?
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    well im not czech but slovak, so its almost the same thing since we used to be one back in the days. Too bad they split up. But yeah i speak czech and slovak and yeah i trade from the US. No tak ako, jak sa dari hosi?
    HOw is the daytrading scene in prague, i know slovakia is very very lite, not too many traders there. Man i'd love it if i could go work back home for some trading co. Grime got any connections:D
  10. ertrader:

    you are a DJ ?
    what is your name (as DJ...) ??
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