Does anybody have experience with the course?

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  1. I am very interested in the turtle trading method, and the site of looks good, but to pay $1000 for a course you can't try is a lot of money. So is there anybody who bought this course ,and if so what did you think of it?
  2. toby400


    Type "Turtletraders" into the SEARCH facility at top of page.

    You will get lots of hits.

  3. Thanks I'll try that!
  4. billgasp


    course stinks. Bought it, but unless you have a lot of mpeny, a tough tomach and are willingtobe extremely pateint whiile youw ath your account ocune around... GOOD LUCK! Tried to sell the program on ebay and lost close to 90% of the value I place into it.... He is a good sales man thoguh,love to see his trading record. I would image its worse than a roller coaster.... Overall and in the long run, if you have enough to start with, I am sure it could work....
  5. Course is applicable to the Futures/Currency Markets, not very good for the stock market. You are better off spending $12 and buying the book..."How to make money in stocks"
  6. I will sell you the course for $100US, in PDF format
  7. Thanks for your reply. But what is the reason you don't like the course, trend_guy? By just offering me the course for $100 I still don't gain any insights if this course is worth any money at all.
  8. okwon


    I have read the course a while back as well. Actually, it's just a pretty thin xeroxed paper manual. Basically, your paying $1000 dollars to have a guy tell you that risk management is important.

    I don't remember much (I don't think there was much useful content in there) because I read it such a long time ago. I didn't pay for mine because it was donated to me by a friend who found it equally useless.

    If you really want I can look around my house for it and give you more details.
  9. Thanks for your reply okwon, but someone send me the course already and I am very glad i didn't pay the $1000 for it!!!! The money and risk management part is ok but there is a lot of BS in it also and it's absolutely not worth the $1000. But now I have it for free :D
  10. You just profited your first $1,000 on the market trading this system by saving yourself the $1,000.
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