Does anybody from eSignal can tell what is going on!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by abogdan, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. abogdan


    When do you intend to supply accurate prices?!!!!
  2. abogdan


    Don't give me this bullshit about Pacific exchange! You are multi million dollar company! Fire your stupid idiots!
    And let them pay for our losses!
  3. BSAM


    Kinda wonder why you keep paying 'em every month.:confused:
  4. abogdan


    This time around I'll make them pay! I'm going to file an official complaint with SEC on this subject. I'll kick their asses until somebody gets fired!
  5. geeze i though only qcharts had problems.
  6. mgarc


    i don't think it's them. time and sales overall was screwed up for a while.
  7. abogdan


    I don't give the rat's ass who it is! I pay them for accurate data! Instead I get garbage!
  8. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    as of March 1, 2004

    Date Time Status

    03/01/2004 12:35:12 ET Nasdaq UTP/SIP reports that ARCX resumed quoting and quotes are current.

    03/01/2004 11:42:05 ET Nasdaq UTP/SIP reports that ARCX has requested the SIP to pull their UPT quotes until further
    notice. NASDAQ will advise when new information is available from ARCX

    03/01/2004 11:14:04 ET Nasdaq UTP/SIP reports that the ARCX communication problems have been restored and any quote
    problems should be resolved momentarily as queue into the SIP is processed.

    03/01/2004 11:03:52 ET Nasdaq UTP/SIP operations reports that ARCX has requested that the SIP process a second qoute
    wipeout at 10:58:20. Communication line issues continue.

    03/01/2004 10:56:53 ET Nasdaq UTP/SIP Operations reports a communication problem involving Archipelago Exchange's
    communication line to the SIP. ARCX requested that the SIP process a quote wipeout at 10:21.
  9. abogdan


    And no one is responsible for this?!!!
    Somebody has to take the responsibility!
    I'm forwarding this to SEC right now!
  10. :D
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