does anybody answer the (*#&@*( phone at Interactive Brokers?

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  1. got an email saying my account will not be accessible after 36 hours without a passcode card that was mailed to me 2 weeks ago.

    I never received the passcode card in the mail and thanks for telling me 2 weeks AFTER you mailed it. I spent all morning trying to resolve this simple problem, first got the run around on the chat - transferred to 2 different guys on the chat with long delay for each message they type, then they told me i need to call:

    ct our secure transaction hotline at 203-618-4006 or directly then at 877-442-2757 option 6

    I tried both numbers, THERE IS NOONE ANSWERING THE *#(U$(# PHONE. The phone just kept ringing, i let it ring for at least 20+ times.

    ALL I WANT IS FOR THEM TO MAIL ME ANOTHER PASSCODE CARD to whatever address in my account! But no chats cant do it, i have to call using the phone, of course noone answers the *(#(*@ phone.

    WTF, if you have shit for customer service, then stop coming up with those ridiculus )($&*(@ passcode card, dont worry i wont mail my password to someone in nigiera...

    so pissed, i wasted all morning trying to get this done instead of trading.

    /rant off
  2. I am so glad I never went with IB. I have read post after post about their crappy service of data and customer support for years.
  3. hey man, on the bright side their commissions are very cheap........ lol.....
  4. I had same few weeks ago same experience. I am from Europe. Call UK support is no problem out of US trading hours. During these it is really difficult

    Few experiences.

    1. You will get temporary password valid for one week.
    2. It can be repeated.
    3. Attention, my account stopped work earlier as I calculated from email, it was at 4. pm /end of RTH/ and I thought that it will work NEXT DAY as well.
    4. I received card exactly one week after my account stopped work.
    5. Now works everything perfectly.
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    I think their phone system has a problem. I usually call back in 5-15 mins and it works.
  6. totally agree ricerocket. And the IB evangelists will call the OPs scenario "hand-holding". Yea right.

    And thom, it depends what you trade as to whether or not IB commissions are "very cheap". In the case of futures, IB commissions are middle of the road at best, although they do have a deeper product offering than most other futures brokers. But if you don't trade those instruments, so what!

  7. Well, the worst I have had to wait for customer service is 5-10 minutes but I don't call their support that often. I think this is due to the secure token program and they are probably overwhelmed with requests since they recently made it free. Sorry you are having trouble with that. I think they should have been a little better prepared before they made these tokens free.
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    I am having a problem right now. It's been two weeks and no card. There is no communication between the people that mail the cards and the people that control the web page that says the card is mailed.

    They did answer the phone on the second ring and told me the card is on the way.

    Maybe their trying to tell me and others to take our tiny accounts somewhere.
  9. Thanks for the info. How long after you request the token do they restrict access to your account or do they? I assumed that you have to go somewhere to activate it AFTER you receive the actual token before password only access is restricted. It would be a real problem if they cut off access and you never received the token in the first place. :confused:
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    Yet another bullshit IB bashing thread. I've used these people for years. The customer service? I've only been treated in an uncourteous manner by an IB employee maybe once.

    These claims of poor customer service are greatly exagerated. I'm not saying it is the best; I'm just saying....Well, reread the prior sentence.

    What one needs to learn first, is how to approach a business in a businesslike manner.

    Newguy, I think maybe IB is not for you. In fact, if you display the attitude in your business dealings that your post indicates, IB should tell you "thanks, but no thanks" for your business.

    Hint: Unless the matter is urgent, use a web ticket. Yes the chat "service" sucks. In fact, I don't know why they just don't eliminate it and concentrate on the phone calls and web tickets. See?---I'm not a shill. But, my phone calls always get answered. My web tickets always receive a reasonable response. Guess I'm just special, huh?---I don't think so!!

    Common sense goes a long way in life.
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