does any website show intraday or weekly price CHARTS for options quotes

Discussion in 'Options' started by darwin666, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. may be too much to ask for. but I want to have a quick glance at the way an option price varies. during the day/week range

    I have seen in OptionsXpress, you can see a yearly chart for option leaps.

    see the screenshot of SPY 60 MARCH Put. IT IS THE BLUE line.

    but scottrade/ tradeking, Optionshouse, dont show me a weekly or daily chart

    may be most are so volatile that , its not feasible. ?

    Infact sometimes. with low volume, the bid ask of the particular option will have fluctuated much more than the day /HIGH /LOW range and that usually is not captured. when we look back all we find is the OPEN /CLOSE prices.
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    you can see them in thinkorswim platform, which offers the in-house charting as well as prophet.
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    To get recent daily changes for a specific strike I use this method: Enter any quote (say: msft) then click column Strike (History) in the quote table.
    I use intraday snapshot from the site as well.
    You can get historical quotes as well (manually, day by day what can be tiresome if you want a range of days).

    I have learned a lot looking at daily changes for a strike (you could really observe all the greeks in action).
  5. You can look at individual option charts on pretty near any time frame on Optionxpress's Flexcharts.

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    Do you know if ToS (or any other tool) lets me plot the difference between underlying + option price? Ie, if I wanted to see how covered call premium was moving?