Does any traing platform provide following features?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by clearpicks, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. I am wondering whether there is any trading platform providing following features:

    1. Allowing traders to write simple text notes by the side of the price ladder in DOM windows to visualize those major R/S prices.

    2. One click price sound alarm setting from a DOM window.

    3. Placing conditional order within a DOM windows. For example, open a DOM window showing current $SPX price ladder without bid/ask, etc., however clicking as the empty bid/ask columns would set up stop_buy_market or stop_sell_market orders of ES. That is, use the price of $SPX to trigger ES orders, etc.

    4. Docking multiple DOM windows to a tabbed pane?

    5. Configuring FA allocation of IB accounts within DOM windows? That is, adding a few buttons and label fields in DOM windows to modify the number of contracts allocated to each subaccount conveniently?

    - Clearpicks
  2. Hoi


    ButtonTrader will do nearly all:

    1] Yes: you can use the Message-price-lable, it will not only show the text but also launch a popup-and-sound-signal when its price is hit

    2] Yes, several one click sounds (even different sounds for the price going up, or down,...and walking sounds...different sounds per ticker, etc... etc).

    3] you can have the SPX or any other second ticker as TickChart side-by-side...visible condition...(conditional-orders not yet released for retail)

    4] Yes of course

    5] Yes, multi-accounts can be traded as a Group (allocation strategies) and or as single-accounts...and even in mixed forms {no other tool has these features: unique for ButtonTrader >> see the videos on the website}.

    Hope it helps