Does any trader have Tinnitus or any other ailment

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by pbw, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. pbw


    Does any trader experience tinnitus. It just recently started in me - in the left ear --it comes and goes but is annoying when trading --anyone have a similar experience and how do you cope with it...
  2. Yes. Have had it for years. never thought it was trading related. Do you think it is? Why?

    ps: I never really thought it was too much of a problem because it helped drown out the voices in my head.
  3. Joab


    I have it too but it was a by product from a bad virus infection I had.

    It does get worse some days when the trading stress levels go up.

    Stay away from sweets and caffeine and be happy you only have it occasionally.
  4. Davdse


    My father has it too. After years of nondiagnosis, lots of scans, etc, finally the idea was postulated (and proven) that it was B. burgdorferi, aka Lyme's (transmitted by a tick many years ago). A great shame, because it would have been easy to treat. The progression has stopped now, but the damage has been done.

    As there's a plethora of other potential diagnoses, including the most frequent 'no diagnosis', it's unlikely that the same is true for your case, but always do think about the possibility of Lyme's as it is just too great a shame to miss something like that and it could have severe implications in the longer term, when untreated.
  5. I never even thought about lyme disease. that runs rampant in this part of NJ. One of my dogs was just diagnosed with it. She started limping really bad, took her to the vet, lyme disease. With all my hunting, fishing and hiking, I should get tested.

    My brother was showing symptoms and he went and was tested three times, all came back negative for lyme. the doctor said most people get false negatives and prescribed him medication anyway. All the symptoms went away after that.

    I have a physical coming up in a few weeks. I am going to have him run a test on that. Thanks.
  6. I've had tinnitus in both ears as far back as I can remember. Can't remember not having it. I used to have bad ear infections as a kid.

    Multi-frequencies, hissing tones, etc. Daily household noises block most of it out. At night when it's quiet, if I concentrate on it, it can drive me, um, crazier. I guess I have learned to ignore it, but it would be nice to hear what silence sounds like.

    Doing a bit of research and seeing a doctor might be an idea.
  7. pbw


    For me it started a few months back -- so initailly it takes some getting use to. I think cutting down on sugar will help.
  8. Look around there is a technique to help you 'tune it out'.I've seen it discussed before but can't help with links I'm afraid.If I find anything I'll post it here.
  9. Biofeedback?
  10. I have it from too many years standing a few feet from the drum kit. My hearing loss is worse in my right ear since I stood on the stage left side of the drummer for a long time.

    I went to the Hearing Institute and got a full workup done. The doctor asked me how I felt about the ringing, whether I was bothered by it. I told him not really and he told me I was lucky, that some people are driven crazy by it. He also told me that there's nothing that can be done about it.

    Maybe buy a really good set of headphones and then play some light music very quietly? I say really good because you need a pair that you can wear for hours at a time.

    Are you exposed to loud noises? Is that why this developed?
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