does any one use this tool

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  1. the linear regression does any one find it helpful it seems to work for me
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    A person I know was using it as bands.(not sure he's still using it)
    It was used for daytrading ER2.
    One LRI based on high and the other one based on lows.
    The period was very short, I think 5.
    It was generating signals but missing the action if market was up or down fast from the open.

    Instead of trying to fix that flaw I decided to try something else
    the was not missing any fast major bull or bear action from
    the open.
  3. I have been experimenting with linear regression channels for about three weeks. It helps me to better see trends in multiple timeframes and to some degree it helps with locating support and resistance levels.
  4. yes i agree its great for catching reversals i use it on my hour candle stick chart and my minute chart i do agree its not great for fast moves stocks make its better for a slow reversal in a stock so what do you recommend to use in the morning ?
  5. its great to use on a uptrend band when it bounces off the bottom band and continues its up trend and same would go on a down trend stock to short it whens its touching its upper band any other way people use this oh yes and i also look at price action and candle stick patterns for confirmation
  6. Never Use the LINEST() function In Excel
    it has a bug
    try it with manual way and with function...
    That function gives wrong results

    Maybe Forecast() is OK...but can't get the channel
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    I've used a 25 LRMA as confirmation. Once price flips on a turn, crosses and closes beyond it, move tends to continue to a tradable degree.

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    I use Linear Regression Channels as Resistance/Support.
    Both 1 and 2 SD lines are helpful.