Does any firm offer a good gross payout these days??

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by trendtrader500, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. for year end 2002 i was 87% gross positive and starting to trade more shares. let me know if there are any good deals out there.
  2. What does this mean? You're either 100% gross positive, 100% flat or 100% gross negative for year-end. There is no in-between!

    This is like saying that my wife is 87% pregnant!

    P.S. Being gross positive every day of your life doesn't mean a damn thing if your costs exceed your revenues. It's better to be a little gross negative on minimal shares than to be gross positive $1000 on a zillion shares and bullets!

  3. 87% of the days last year i was positive....actually, let me correct myself. i was positive 93% of the days last year and 87% since i started trading. i think you are a little confused with prop terms. i am searching for a gross deal because after evaluatling all my numbers last year, i found out my net # averaged to 30% of my gross. so, i figured if i could get higher that 30% on the gross end, it may be worth it so i can put up more bullets and trade more size.

    PS: If you average being gp in the thousands everyday, i would say your doing something right.
  4. Even among firms I heard that consider doing gross deals, the payout is much lower than 20% (and commissions tend to be higher while net payout tends to be lower).
  5. While I was an even worse trader than I am now (and losing money) there was a long period of time when I had around 90% positive days. The problem was, on the one losing day I had every other week I lost ten times as much as on my average positive day.