does an idiotic thread title get all the response?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by JM64, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. JM64


    Does one have to start a thread with an idiotic heading? how to make 100 jillion dollars in three months?
  2. atozcom


    This is because more people can respond to idiotic threads.

    What do you have in mind?
  3. JM64


    it was curiosity...i posted a serious question yesterday and got 1 response...maybe cause im new here
  4. Surdo


    What was the question?

    I read the thread and it looked like you were just showing everybody your Bloomberg!

    Ask a real question if you want a real answer.
  5. JM64


    my question was how best to utilize Elite Trader......i posted that pic cause thats the thread i started on....
  6. Surdo


    Try the search function.

    Then expand on existing threads until you have a semi-intelligent subject to start a thread.
  7. JM64


  8. JM perhaps you don't understand a lot of what goes on here. Many on these boards are professional traders, and when we are in down times, and relaxing, we hang out just kind of goofing off.

    For example we just took 15 pips out of the EUR short. Since we are slow in volume today and we just broke the fibbo 50% I do not want to hold to the 61.8% and make a few more pips.

    So when I have this down time, I generally look for something entertaining to do. Sometimes I find something like Nitros post. Since I trade spot, I found it hilarious.

    If you want assistance ask specific questions, try the search feature and remember to do your own due diligence

    The Ever Venomous Viper
  9. Your question was tantamount to "how to use an Internet Forum" LOL.

    You aren't going to get much response from that kind of question.
  10. JM64


    i hear yah...sorry about that....
    #10     Aug 28, 2006