Does Al Qaeda have nukes?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jbtrader23, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. Their #2 man claims the organization has suitcase nukes.

    Will Al Qaeda ever use them? Are they just bluffing?
  2. Suitcase nukes are a reality. The first one I ever saw was in 1958 when I was on a design team at the old Douglas Aircraft Company in Santa Monica. I've been worried about them ever since. The strategic defense initiative was the dumbest idea that the DOD clowns and Ronald "McDonald" Reagan ever came up with.
  3. If Al-Qaida actually had two briefcase nukes, they would not be bragging about it. A U.S. or Israeli city would already be glowing.

    The Islamic culture holds two activities very dear to their hearts: <b>Murdering innocent civilians and telling lies.</b> Unable to perform the former, they have resorted to the latter.
  4. terrorists are the scum of the earth