Does Al brooks even use stop orders?

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  1. All he does is recommend stop orders to enter a trade and i read an interview on him from a few years ago where he mentioned that is all he does is enter on stops.

    Reading his website though, he sometimes mentions trades he takes and they are never stop orders. he seems to always mention buying the low of or selling the high of a bar.

    I really dont know what to believe with this guy. Im starting to think brooks is a giant illusion. seriously.

    I've been following his stuff for a while and his entire 'method' seems to be one big giant contradiction.
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    Profitable trading is simple, whenever you see a method remotely resembling the complicated, run.
  3. its interesting, i must have read hundreds of thousands of words that he has written and to be honest, it just doesnt make any sense. not the concepts, they do make sense, but all the contradiction without any explanation as to why one day a trade is ok, and another its not ok.

    its just really strange stuff, after a while you begin to feel like you're in a scientology camp or something..
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    This is all you need to know, no live calls in his room.
  5. he says that he cannot make calls in his room since he is not registered with the nfa as that would be breaking some kind of rule.

    interestingly enough though, he tells you when he exits.

    pretty silly.
  6. While I think Brook's method has some validity show me any proof the guy makes money?

    I have watched a few call trades real time EOT pro and Austin of Coiled Markets and seen their DOM's live with a real accnt PnL so I don't buy Al's line.

    As mentioned his communication is about as obtuse as Jack Hersey.
  7. i never would have ever imagined using hershey and brooks in the same sentence but im really close. its sad really.
  8. In fairness to Al the chances he trades are about 99% greater than Jack.

    Al has some webinars floating around that clear up the muck a bit.
  9. It would be easy enough for Al or anyone else to provide proof of profitability if they wanted to....

    even if he doesnt want to call entries live for whatever reason

    he could post screenshots of his execution blotter so you could see the entries and exits and times

    I have seen a few guys who do such on their site/blog.... but they are small-time guys who dont advertise.... not playing in the big leagues with Al

    or another option, provide links to students of his work that are posting live calls or blotters daily.

    even if Al cant trade, he could prove his work is valid if students trading his methods could provide proof..... aka Bill Parcells can't play football but his players can provide proof that he is a good coach.
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    When you use stop orders you are playing your hand to floor traders and HFTs.
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