Does a market if touched order trigger if open is about touch point?

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  1. Just reading about orders, I see there is a market if touched order. Very close if not exactly what I am looking for in one respect. Let's say stock is at $10. I place a market if touched buy at $11 tomorrow. I assume that if stock opens at $11, or opens below $11 and runs up to $11, it will be triggered. But what if stock opens at $12? Will it be triggered? Or no because it never touched $11, it gapped up through it and never touched it?

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    The first link of a google search revealed [emphasis added]:

    Market-If-Touched (MIT) Order Definition and Example

    "...Suppose that a stock is trading at $10.00 per share. According to your analysis, the stock will be undervalued at $8.00 per share. You may place an MIT order at $8.00 per share. If the price moves to $8.00 or below—the trigger price—a market buy order will be sent out and filled at the best price at the time. That price may be $8. I could be $8.02, $8.10, or $7.90, for example. This means you can invest near the "undervalued" price without constantly watching the market. ..."

    You could also,

    Ask your broker; or read your broker's 'Order Definitions.'

    You could also,

    Use your simulated account to try it and see what happens.
  4. Thanks userque. I saw that, but elsewhere where I read about it it seems to suggest ots only triggered if there is an actual trade at the price you specify, which is contrary to what you posted. I searched the IB website and didn't find any further clarification. Guess I'll have to call IB to find out. Will report back!
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    Please do report back. Trading at the actual price seems too restrictive, imo.