Does a hard drive rattle when it blows?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MRWSM, May 12, 2006.

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    I think i blew a hard drive on my older HP desktop. All I did was what I do every week, perform a maintenance defrag. When I got back the computer was dead. It makes a funny rattle sound when it tries to turn on. It says hard disk not found, I tried the recovery disk and it says cables may be loose or format the disk. I tried to format it and it says disk not fixed. I opened the computer and did not find any loose cables.

    Now I'm down to just my recently purchased Laptop. I like having a backup computer so I think I will buy a new Dell desktop.

    Just wondering if anyone else experienced this.
  2. Buy a 300 gig HD, they are like 100 dollars these days. Problem solved.
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    It's an older computer so I would rather spend a little extra and just get a new Dell desktop.

    Is this pretty common or is it a fluke to have a hard drive blow. Just wondering how long we can expect them to last.
  4. I had one just... die on me. Just completely lost power.

    Before it died, I noticed it was louder and hotter and sometimes did make more nosies than usual. But since yours is already dead. Might as well just get a new desktop.

    Better yet, save some money go to and buy all the parts and build it yourself *if your interested in that kind of stuff*
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    Seagate HDs come with 5 year warranty. They're supposed to last much longer than that, but many do not.

    It seems that nearly every weekend one of the big retailers has a 120G or 160G for $30-40, after rebate. With them being so cheap, it's a good idea to look for a replacement at the *first* sign of trouble... any change in behavior or sounds.
  6. Seagate user here as well, never had any issue.

    To the OP, was the HD that screwed up by any chance a MAXTOR HD?

    I had 2 MAXTOR hd's die on me, never buying another.
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    Mine gave no signs of going, it never made any funny sounds until it went.
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    You just made your own argument for having backups.
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    My HD died after five years. It did rattle. Get on Newegg and buy a new HD or two of them. Install is a piece of cake even for a non-geek.
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