Does a disciplined trader smoke weed (?)

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  1. Hi, I've been trading for around 2 years now, doing well, growing, and seeing my path clearly, currently funded by tst and developing my own methods, I believe that a disciplined live leads to disciplined behavior and such, disciplined trading, that's why I try my best in life in every aspect, but, there is certain topics that gives me mind conflicts, such as smoking weed, I like it at the moment while doing it ( I only do it maximum of once a weed or twice just to relax or eat something) not a pothead, but most of the times I get kind of guilty feeling because I think that maybe I'm harming my brain so then my trading capacities (?) is this behind indisciplined (?) please, let me know your thoughts
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  2. Turveyd


    Weed, not mixed with booze won't stunt your brains growth if your 25+, then it's not any worse for you than smoking normal cigarettes, which is pretty bad, but hey your life, who's to judge, only you!

    ( I personally, can't stand and don't do drugs but my life don't judge me )
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  3. destriero


    That’s patently BULLSHIT. Look at shrinking brain tissue of MRIs of habitual users.
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  4. Habitual
  5. Nobert


    It's my 5'th working trip in netherlands.

    Each time i arrive, agency provides a living with uknown people in unknown place. ( sometimes they might relocate you or change your job )

    There are those who use ,,something'' and there are those who use nothing.
    Those who use nothing are unicors.

    All the time, there are folks around, that smokes it at least once a day, housemates or cooworkers, and it's my personal game, to try to guess, whos using it ( after i know a person for a week or more ) and whos not, most of the time - im accurate.

    That's my observations based on few hundred smokers that i met in the last 2,5 yrs.

    Most of them are , imo, low or avarage iq. ( a guess, tho few made tests, results were 90,96,102 )
    Often emotional iq is low / avarage as well. ( 70% / 90% )

    I don't use, i don't like it, i think , that by using weed or any substance that suppose to get you high, get's you slow and down instead, and that is nothing, when compered to the high, when you're constantly improving yourself & achieving your goals.

    They can have it for 30 mins or a day, let me have it -

    for life .


    im curious, how many of them lost savings, the next day, when TLRy spiked 40%, 7/11/2018.


    the only ,,benefit'' i can name is, users of it are calm, often after ,,smoking ritual in groups'', their brains turns on extreme power saving mode and they go to sleep , wheres alcohol fans starts trouble.
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  6. Seems like a nice game you playing on a legalized weed smoking country, but, Netherlands is 7th placed on average IQ worldwide ranking, and I'm pretty sure you just can't even estimate an approximation of an IQ of a person without even testing them in some formal way, just eyeballing daily behavior, but still this response is kind of useful, sure you have your bias of why considering a person low IQ, thanks!
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  7. Nobert


    I mentioned Emotional IQ as well.

    :D now this is for fun, -

    would you agree, that, a person, who get's - too emotional , forget's whats vbeen written or spoken previously ?

    (guess definition: 1. to give an answer to a particular question when you do not have all the facts and so cannot be certain if you are correct)

    (more definition: to a greater extent, ex, 3 months, 4 years)

    Could you edit the topic, so there would be votings in top, like yes or no to choose ?

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  8. Turveyd


    But as we don't yet understand how a brain works, maybe that just means it's leaner, more efficient, better!!

    Just because stupid people generally feel the need to take drugs, doesn't mean the drugs are what made them stupid, I fully expect it's there stupid, therefore they take.

    As most people lose money anyway in this game, atleast he'll enjoy it more :)
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  9. tommcginnis


    Given the behavior of some respondents on this list -- or some occupants of the U.S. Executive Mansion --- we'd all be better off burning a fat one. :wtf:

    I know. I know: "small sample size!" :rolleyes:

    (Still. Striking trend.....) :D
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  10. Of course. Helps deal with volatility.
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