Does 5G cause Health Problems?

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    Everyone is going crazy about 5G, saying how it is the best thing since free, high-quality porn... but does it cause health problems?

    I see Verizon running these ads about how 5G will enable doctors to more easily diagnose cancer. 5G has been clocked at about 3GB/s; so, I see these ads as a pre-emptive strike on the opposition to 5G. Unless you're on the road and need to look at a scan on your mobile device, the same download speeds can easily be had through a fiber connection to an office.

    Back when the automobile was invented, many were concerned about high the higher speeds would result in injuries and fatalities. They were right--tens of thousands are killed in automobile accidents each year--but that didn't stop the automobile from taking over.

    So, does 5G cause cancer? It's a bit worrying. The minute we start asking for "objective studies," we get those massively funded by the big players--who are basically paid to prove that 5G is safe.

    They're even selling underwear with radiation protection:

    Well, at least I'll be able to watch my free high-quality porn on the road without latency. Maybe I can choke my chicken and then take a nap in the back of a Tesla on autopilot. Hooray for 5G! :thumbsup:

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    First off, why in the world would a protocol (5G) cause cancer? The arrangement of bits that does you in? Oh, you mean the power level of 5G? Nope, must not be thinking about that since it's generally going to be lower than previous generations. Oh, it's the frequency then? Them millimeter band transmissions? Except you're being bombarded by that at orders of magnitude more power by the millions of radar waves from everything from the sensors on cars to police radar to weather, air traffic control, and aircraft radar, radar altimeters... So are we back to the protocol is the culprit?
    We should definitely be worried about electromagnetic radiation. It kills thousands of people every year. Don't forget to wear sunscreen folks, because that electromagnetic radiation from the sun will kill you. The radiation from 5G? Well back 25 years ago before cell phones this young EE student was reading studies on safe millimeter wave radiation levels, it was actually part of one of our required courses before we went messing around with waveguides in the lab. There are literally hundreds of studies out there over decades on this, the foundational work of which was done long before any "big players" even existed. The assertion that there isn't any objective scientific research on the subject is patently absurd. And none of it points to any validity of this whole "5G causes cancer" bullshit being peddled by the same folks who brought us anti-vaxxing.
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    Thank you for the well-thought-out response.

    I either agree with or need to further research your points... aside from the fact that vaccination causees autism.
  4. It seems the concern is that 5G operates at a higher frequency than 1-4G. But according to this
    article, still not at an ionizing frequency like gamma or x-rays.
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    I wonder if these networks could be weaponized?

    In the wrong hands, crank up the juice and roast peeps.