Dodge wants to compete with upscale autos....LOL

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by southbeach4me, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Dodge is on the brink of total collapse with their weak, uncreative, unreliable upper mgmt not knowing where to turn to increase market share. So now they are aiming to produce cars to compete with the likes of BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, etc.

    This is a company, who even with their recent successes with the Dodge Charger, Challenger, etc; still have issues with engineering that are light years away from competing with the bavarian big boys.

    Now they want to compete on their turf with such low experience in that "high end" field. Are you kidding me? Are these guys on a suicide mission or what?

    Im an ES futures trader by trade but if I were doing options or stock i would seriously be considerring shorting the crap out of Dodge in the mid-long term. That company doesn't have a clue about the "high end", even if it sat on their face.....
  2. LOL... and frogs wish for wings so they don't bump their ass when they jump..
  3. i have no idea why a car with a traditionally working class label would try to enter a very, very crowded luxury car market in the worst economy in decades

    i dont think (nissons) infinity or (hondas) acura ever made much of a go, their cars are probably about on par with lexus, but it's just too crowded

    i've occasionally taken a dodge neon as a rental, a surprisingly nice driving no frills car (basicly a junior-taurus)- not a junk pile like a geo metro (never drivein one, but have heard)

    that's where they should be focussing

    and besides, why would a government sponsored car company take a risk to build a redundant car that most cant afford? what's the 'social purpose' on ANY level?
  4. They want to fail so the government will bail them out and stuff the boards pockets with pork.:)
  5. I saw a brand new Charger with the white paper tag on the street and the driver side brake light was already not working.

    Everytime he would hit the breaks only the passenger side brake light would illuminate.

    That is pretty bad.
  6. i rented a charger a while back, and loved it

    bad blind spots and turning radius, but still fun to drive and cool to look at

    but charger is what dodge is - raw macho, not perfectly executed

    lexus , they're NOT