Dodge Challenger Retro

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  1. Chevy is coming out with a retro model of the classic '69 Camaro. Dodge has beat them to market with its own retro '70 Challenger.

    I always liked the original, and the new model looks pretty hot.
  2. why did u have to show me this, car is awesome.
  3. Well, feels like we're going to re-do the 70's, so why not have a 70's car?

    Huggy bear sez its cool.
  4. unfortunately the challenger is big and heavy..

    even with 425 horses be lucky to do 60 in mid 5's.

    the STANGER, low 5's, already kicks it's ass, lighter with less horses, more efficient use of resources
  5. Back in the late 70's, in high school I had a 1970 Camaro which I thought was pretty bad, until my best friend bought a 1969 Camaro. I helped him build from scratch a 427 with a ZL-1 cam and aluminum heads. We used to frequently time it 0 - 60 at 4.0 sec and bring it up to 100 mph in a 35 mph zone. We estimated to be about 600 hp. The acceleration and the sound was incredible. We'd even drag race side by side on this road.

    Absolutely insane when I think about it now. Stupid teenagers.
  6. Damn, this threads got me thinking about horsepower again. I might have to take a drive down to the Corvette dealership to check out those new Z06's. I've been driving a family SUV for way too long. :cool:
  7. Why not just wait for the new Camaro? 'Vettes are overpriced and have zero coolness factor. Most women associate them with balding fat guys having mid-life crises.
  8. Lucrum


    and small...
  9. Looks kind of similar to camaro to me.

    I'd love it if someone would do a remake of the old plymouth superbird. loved that car.
  10. Vista


    Corvettes have the biggest bang for the buck. Great looks, 0 to 60 in high 3 sec range and skid path of around 1g. That compares with cars priced much, much higher.
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