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    What is the average age of a US doctor (specialty irrespective) before he/she starts to start making good money ($100K) ?

    I was told that it is usually 32'ish when they finish all their required training
  2. the way people eat you are guarnteed to make your first million as 35 yr old heart surgeon

    talk about an investment.. 15 yrs out of high school and your not only RICH but your local community hero too, a celebrity :)
  3. Depends on how quick they can get in on some of that visit action. You know, the one where when you're admitted for a time and you get visits from doctors you've never seen before who get a piece of the billing action. They tap your chest, look into your eyes with a gadget, ask a question or two. 100/200 extra for a 5 minute pop adds up.
  4. I don't agree, they are getting the crumbs. the big easy money is heart surgery, lasik and orthodontia (every kid in country needs braces) :D
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    32'ish is optimistic.

    The average age of medical school admits is something like 26. (Many have to do post-baccs to qualify; others work as EMTs, nurses, or anything else.)

    From there, it's 4 years of medical school, and then a minimum of 3 years of residency (for family practice). A young 33 for the very fortunate family doctor. The typical debt load for the 33 year old is about $250k.

    For a cardiothoracic surgeon, it's 7 years of residency for surgery, and then additional 1-2 years of fellowship residency. So, 39 is probably the average age for cardiothoracic surgeons. Typical debt load is even higher. Note: 39 years old, with zero financial assets, but about $300k in debt.

    The workload of any of the surgery specialties is also off-the-chart insane. I thought my friend on partner-track at a top-10 law firm had it rough, but... now I know better.

    I am speaking as the husband of a family-practice doctor to be.
  6. family practice is really shooting fo he top :D don't sprain yourself :p
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    My wife is 26, and we have two kids. She'd rather have more family time.

    And as it happens... for the past 5 years, I have made more every year over than she will make over the course of her career. Money is no longer a motivating factor.
  8. i guess age does matter when it comes to your reach :D
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    May I ask how long it took you to realize your true trading potential? Or at least your current trading competency level?
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    Haha, sad truth is trading isn't the source of my income. Trading is just a "hobby" (hopeful career) that I've taken up after professional success elsewhere.
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