doctors remove man's penis and testicles BY ACCIDENT!

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  1. i'd be so pissed! (no shit)

    "My wife had to hold my hand in the bed there. And she said 'Honey it's over. They got all the cancer.' And she waited a few minutes and then said 'But they had to remove your penis.' And I was one mad dude, you know," Ralls said on ABCNEWS' Good Morning America.
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    (what else can I say, except L-A-W-S-U-I-T?)
  3. Yes, but how much would you look for. Whatever would be an appropriate amount should be the same as you are willing to sell your penis and testacles for. I think the financial world has yet to come up with a phrase for the amount I would be looking for. :eek:
  4. ...

    I would have to kill myself if that happens to me.
  5. Look at it this way the two biggest scourges of mankind are pussy and baldness.

    Now he doesn't have to worry about either.
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    The poor sould could've been 17 and not 67 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sucks either way, and I thought that doing due diligence in trading was important !!!:p

  7. Wonder what they do with the testes after they cut it off....maybe they sell it to gay men as chewing gum??:confused:
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    If that happened to me, there would be one less surgeon in the world.
  9. To the doctor who performed the accidental surgery, I have 2 words for him:

    "organ donor" :D
  10. I've always liked the word "eunich." Who knew it would once be used, "hey Doc, you nicked me!"
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