Doctor Slams National Debt, Political Correctness, Health Care In Front Of Obama

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Amazing speech right to Obama's face, You can see obama just stewing in his panties while this guy owns him.

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  2. pspr


    That was a really good speech. The whole thing didn't really fit with Obama's ideology so I'm sort of surprised he was invited to speak. I noticed Michelle seemed to cheer his comments for a while until she realized his ideology was much different from hers. The Doctor's makes a lot more sense.
  3. It really shows you what intelligence is. Not the fake stuff Obama uses,
  4. pspr


    This guy is the type of thinker we need as President and even as a Senator or Congressman. Unfortunately, I'm sure he is greatly needed in his chosen profession, too.
  5. I'm sure whoever booked him assumed because he was black he would just tow the line.
  6. umm is there a condensed version less than 1/2 hr?
  7. JamesL


    I hope that doctor thought it was worth it because his life is about to change, and not for the better. He is going to be skewed and vilified for these remarks just as Herman Cain was for being a black man who had the nerve to challenge Obama last year. He'll be deemed a racist and accused of code words/dog whistles by the BSNBC lemmings before Friday is done. Just wait.
  8. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    It's C-span. That IS the condensed version.
  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    Yep, no doubt about it, the guy is a self made success, who doesnt believe in handouts, so no doubt he will be labelled a loser and an uncle tom by liberals.
  10. Max E.

    Max E.

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