Doaks Challenges Hershey

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  1. Famed cyberneticist Professor Joe Doaks challanges lauded ET-approved trade guru Jack Hershey to a handicap ES call contest. Doaks' handicaps are that he will use a mere six lines of EasySignal code to make his calls, and that he doesn't even trade ES. Hershey's formidable handicap is that he can use anything and anybody he wants. Doaks' calls for yesterday using the six line system are attached, times Pacific. The call is at the end of the bar. Lime means long. Red means short. Orange means flat. Doaks will publish the chart before the next bar after the call ends, and maybe during the bar in which the call is made. Hershey need only use clear language like "short at end of 10:35 ET bar at 1354.75," because we all know he is a fumblefingers with charts.
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    how do you enter that? one has to be unbelievably precise unless he is automated..
    for regular folks it's only breakouts .. the end of the bar sounds utopian..
    cheers :)
  3. Famed cyberneticist Professor Joe Doaks ??????:eek: When I Google this clowns name all you find is more BS posts from ET...famous my ass! Another ET clown. Professor of BS!
  4. Of course you are right, the entry has to be at the start of the next bar. UNLESS you jump the gun based on momo or enter on the last couple of seconds before the bar changes to avoid the frequently-occurring gap up or down in the bid/ask on the bar change. Don't take this too seriously. I actually trade NQ using one-second and one-minute methods. This thread is an attempt to draw Jack out again to comment like he did yesterday in a thread where he wasn't welcomed and was cluttered up by hostility. Also I find it utterly amazing that anyone trades off of five-minute and/or takes gross volume seriously, so this is grand entertainment for me.
  5. You just aren't digging deeply enough into the historical record. If you do, you will find that I am semi-retired Associate Adjunct Visiting Professor (Untenured) at the Northeastern Southwestern Collin County Community College and Trade School, counselling auditing special needs students. I am widely published, my most recent contribution being the invention of the Tradeostat undicator. If you do a search on me here, you will find many original approaches I invented going back eight years here, including the Doakindosillator and the Boredom, Smoothiness, Screamer, Belief, Market Tumicity, Simplexity, Ternary Decision Theory, Cuntrary, Volatrendity, Tradeavolety, Prolume, Netshadows and Voletoilety undicators, not to mention the ADHD, BTFD, and Bullflagend trading methods. I am at least as qualified as Mr. Hershey to demonstrate the fine art of trading to ET.
  6. you need to provide a summary of how many points you earned for the day in order to initiate a challenge.

    did you earn more than 3x of the day's range?

    if yes, let the game start now!
  7. Are you suggesting that we should help Jack out by making this challenge a sporting proposition?
  8. This is less about making money and more about having the balls to clearly annotate trade calls and expose yourself to the derision of ET. I have been trading a long time and even now have very modest expectations for winnings. IMO trying to call all the major turns in the day dramatically increases risk relative to taking your half out of the middle.

    I have several easy-peasy five minute systems that make utterly unambiguous calls. I would never consider trading on that time scale, but I challenge those who do to prove that it works.
  9. looks like you're still not qualified yet. never mind.

    remember: 3x !!!

  10. that was old school... 6x now
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