Do yourself a favour and watch this video from Anton Kreil

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  2. And the favour is?
  3. tell me something i dont already know?
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    The guy may have worked for investment banks in the past but he is now just another snake oil vendor, makes a lot of money charging for seminars, mentoring and introducing deals.
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    Exactly. If the obvious is news to people then maybe this is the wrong profession.
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  6. s0mmi


    Stay away from this cuck.

    I've watched all of his videos when it's 3-4am and I'm waiting for my position to come back...

    He sells snake oil. A lot of the marketing in his video is catering towards the Middle-Aged guy who has saved up money, avoids risk his whole life and now wants to become an Alpha male in control of his financial security because his ex-wife banged the milkman.

    Instead of advising that you go and bang the milkman to assert male dominance, he bags out "trading educators" then literally advertises himself as a trading educator under a different label.

    A lot of his videos promise the typical trading glory. And his videos are very general and vague... he will talk about things like basic economics, the money supply, and credit. What does this have to do with trading? F*ck all! No-body cares!

    Not once did I see trading in action or any idea masturbation.

    The only time I came close to this was in one power point presentation... however he blurs out one of the slides about Currencies. He was describing the driving forces of Currencies.

    It's pretty obvious that the items he blurred out had to do with Bonds, interest-rates, Fixed-Income. If he honestly thinks that this slide is 'edge' then I don't feel sorry for anyone who spends thousands on this course.

    As a general rule, avoid any one who trades off a laptop and/or goes holidaying around the world. They always reveal themselves to be impotent lil' twinks.

    There is more edge in my posts here and then in the dozens of hours I spent watching all of his presentation and reading views on his junk.

    P.S. He is clearly an investment banker and not a trader. The style of education that you will receive has lots of 'bullet-points' and 'modules' to read and learn. With a lot of analytics. Investment Bankers make money by getting sandwiched by the college football team and trying to jerk both guys off to get their split of money.

    This is exactly what Anton is doing.

    He signs you up to a recommend broker and he charges you money because you hope you'll become an Alpha male like him.

    He should stick to wanking off guys because trading is not his thing.

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  8. Why all of those middle-aged folks still can`t get that the future is uncertain whether it`s investment or trading, Anotn Kreil or Anton Chehov!
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    One snake oil salesman telling a bunch of neophytes how all the other snake oil salesmen are just after their money.
  10. He's wearing bead bracelets to look relateable to the common/poor man folk he's pitching to, instead of a fancy Rolex or Patek Philippe. and wearing a sweater, instead of a fancy dress shirt or suit or sport coat.

    All ex-investment bank so-called 'traders' can't trade. -- They are simply client order broker processors and risk managers and commission generators and collectors.

    If you'd ask all investment bank employees to trade their own accounts...I would be surprised if they even matched the S&P broad market average benchmark in % returns o_O,
    Their heads are stuffed with textbook trading terminology and common, general theory only. -- But they don't know how to truly apply all of that for the Real generate fruitful, abundant...maybe exponential returns.
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