Do yourself a favour and don't trade today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Joab, May 16, 2008.

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    Wednesday was silly, Yesterday was sloppy - Today will be even worse.

    Option Expiry - wait till Monday
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  3. Sure feels difficult to game but feeling too underinvested right now. Dip buyers should show up early though they might not stick around for more than a few hours. GS raises their oil price 'target' - thanks a bunch.
  4. I sure hope you're fucking right, because my office already did me the favor of making sure I can't trade today by locking the door and having all three risk managers decide not to show up. By the time I got back home from the commute it was 11:20 and I had already missed all the moves. I never make money on friday afternoons, and my connection at home is not stable enough to scalp from anyway. Argh......
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    The clearest and easiest short this morning in months. 10 pts ++ on the ER without even breathing.

    So much for standing aside.
  6. Are you serious?
    Who is the outfit that you trade with?
  7. It is a great day to trade. My trading plan was established yesterday at the close and posted here on ET. Link are texts are:

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    You can't be serious.
  9. I can't say which firm it was, publicly or via PM, but I am pissed as hell. However, up until this point I have had absolutely no issues with them, they have been very accommodating of all my needs, my fills and connection are so good that when a price level breaks in a stock I can sweep the books and be faster than even some of the boxes - I trade with others on skype, and I always get the best fill, when the figure breaks I get .03s and my buddies .06 and .10. The guys who run it don't play mindgames with me, try to get me to churn, fuck around with my paychecks, etc. HOWEVER this is extremely unprofessional, and I will make sure that I get my comm lowered for this month because of what happened. It would have been one thing if they had informed me "the office will be closed tomorrow, we have to do that," but I wasn't given any notice. Most annoyingly, I'm on pace to have my best trading month ever and have been totally in the flow.

    Just had to vent.

    Sorry to the OP for jacking your thread.
  10. Just absurd.
    Looking back over your post of earlier today it sounds like it is Genesis?

    I'd take some of your trading profits from this month and invest in a decent trading computer and broadband set-up for your home just in case this "Summer Friday" scenario has the potential to rear its ugly head again. Why is your connection from home not "stable" enough?
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