do your sheets look wrong

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  1. fluideq


    any ideas on how to see whats really going on

    anybody else have this prob

    I a have a solution but wondering how wide this maybe

    and whos sheets are most lets say honest no I meant clear with propper fees rebates contras etc
  2. Which firm do you trade with :confused:
  3. fluideq


    just solutionsfast quick and correct why do you ask?
  4. :confused: :confused: :confused:
  5. Lucrum


    "do your sheets look wrong"

    Well... they have a wet spot on them.
    Was that "wrong"?

  6. fluideq


    in the eye
  7. I was trying to help you...if you name your firm, you have a better chance of actually getting an answer. Instead of assuming that ALL the traders on ET trade with your firm & use the same sheets & therefore has an idea of what you are talking about with the sheet. Why the secret? Some firms charge less with no rebate & some believe in rebate. See how many prop firms there are just in US alone & keep in mind that ET is worldwide.

    Oh! is this a got me :p :D :D
  8. bespoke


    my sheets look very wrong. especially after i sit on them naked.
  9. fluideq


    its not the firm i was asking just trying to se how many prop firms
    have normal sheets

    as opposed to abnormal this is all hypothetical

    and how many people are bothered by this

    I can name a firm but thats not my goal
    a private discussion I have np

    but I dont believe if i find a problem that its neccesary for all to know unless they speak up

    I am very well capitalized and even wonder if people want no confusion in this matter I may just open up my own entity at this point for all and take them all on

    anyway the main point on this board I prefer to make no mess at all and leave a secure deposit ( leaving no mess on a magazine or my sheets)
  10. Well I know one of my accounts with assent does not give total account balances, just a monthly p&L. Who was the genius that thought that one up?

    So in that respect I think they are wrong.
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