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  1. Hello mikeriley,

    I am happy you are out of the trucking business.

    I know a few people trying to start and become profitable truck owner operators and losing ALOT of money. I think its a scam.
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    And I guess that was what I was alluding to, too. Perhaps not in eloquent ways. There is a huge difference between billionaires and people like Musk who do have the required capital but just not in liquid form. Normal people do not have that, else they would not need to take on expensive loans and fall into difficulties to service said loans. Home equity is not available capital because in the event debt cannot be serviced the person would end up homeless. Very different.

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    Good points+ big difference between credit + credit on an appreciating asset.
    I like Dave Ramsey, very practical. But one of Dave Ramsey's friends said '' you actually owe the restaurant the money as soon as you get the food'' LOL + right borrow example .:D:D
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