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    You won't change even if a billion showed up in your bank account. If you can't act ethically in small things larger things will be way over your head

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    I compete fairly in an equitable market. I have declined more lucrative positions in the past or passed up deals that involved legal but ethical gray zones that meant a financial disadvantage to me. But those choices kept me asleep at night and I can now look back and know everything I achieved was made and earned fair and square.

    Stop being an asshole just once and engage on the basis of the arguments presented. You accuse the person of things you know nothing about and make unfounded assumptions. I called out Mr Trucker based on the information he himself presented. Huge difference.

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    Doing immoral or unethical things IS bad business and poor judgment because aside all other concerns it opens one up to all sorts of accusations and possible liabilities. Not sure why that is even called into question.

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    You again mix up things. So as long as a person provides for the family and benefits the economy he/she can act unethically? We seem to apply completely different standards to life.

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    Using tax loopholes isn’t objectively immoral. Morality is your construct. Some people don’t buy XOM stock because they think it’s immoral.

    still a straw man argument.
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    you insult a guy making an honest living by attacking his profession.

    remember your post about personal attacks?
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    Those who are honest and moral don't go around strutting their chit - especially anonymously to total internet strangers. So fack off trucker and chinky hater. That latter one is me, for god only knows why {no B} M.W. called me that? I'm of Irish/English descent lol.
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  8. well said , you have been around SimpleMeLine :)
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    Pretty sure Elon Musk is using credit to acquire Twitter. Credit gives you leverage. If you can borrow money at a lower rate and make a return at a higher rate, it makes sense to use. The wealthy most companies use credit. They borrow against their holdings to avoid realizing capital gains and paying the resulting taxes. To the contrary, people who never use credit even at low rates are not the best investors as they are leaving opportunity on the table.

    Dave Ramsey's message is targeted towards the people who if they don't pay off their mortgage or pay down their debt, they will blow the money on worthless trinkets, cars, and fast food. It's targeted towards people who need to come up with a budget in order to not go bankrupt. It's probably not possible to teach many of those people how to invest over the radio, but the hope is that they will at least get on the right track by paying down debt and then later become interested in investing / saving for retirement.
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  10. Hello beginner66,

    I have definitely been around.
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